♡ Eternal Bond ♡ {EreRi | RiRen}

♡ Eternal Bond ♡ {EreRi | RiRen}

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"I want to see the more to this world... because I was born into it!" 
A single desire and dream that coursed through his every emotion kept him alive and striving for a brighter future. Sadly, freedom comes with a price, so he learned.

Those many years ago, when the titans still ruled the planet; fate brought the both of them together- and it was together that they faced the many hardships and deaths of comrades and friends. Each held the silent hope of not having to go through the same fate of those who had left them. But, had they managed to achieve that freedom? What sacrifices were made to get it- and was it all enough?

"Promise me... that we'll meet again. I don't want this to be the end for us, please."


Now living in the current modern world and society, Levi and Eren both felt their lives change again at yet another fateful encounter with one another. When at first it seemed to be just coincidences, these encounters started bringing out a past neither knew nor remembered of, and they start to realize- the strength of a single promise; the promise that haunted their souls let fate tie them together again from their past lives.

They might have the chance to finally be together this time, as soul mates with an eternal bond. 

.... Or would fate just be cruel to them and their hearts?

{Levi x Eren Fanfiction | Yaoi | Boy x Boy}

May contain spoilers and most parts (specifically, the parts in the canon verse of SnK) were made up just for the plot of this story and are not associated to the actual series/episodes!

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XxSaikoChanxX XxSaikoChanxX Aug 04, 2017
This is good, it's really descriptive and has a lot of detail.
Or have I dated you in another timeline? Idk maybe I'm Barry Allen but i forgot- probs eren
SereneShadows SereneShadows Jul 25, 2017
                              Now you can do it often without having to walk 1000 miles
motherstien motherstien Jun 11, 2017
Umm, why does he talk like that, I wouldn't be able to understand him at all.
Mavis_Dragneel13 Mavis_Dragneel13 Jun 13, 2017
Levi: You can always repay me with your body....
                              That totally wasn't a reference to anything 🙄🙄🙄
flowingdream flowingdream Jul 08, 2017
How old is Levi in this fanfic? 
                              I've been imagining him as in his early or mid twenties.