Castiel's Wings (A Destial one shot possibly short story)

Castiel's Wings (A Destial one shot possibly short story)

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Kagamine Rin By AfternoonNapWorld Updated Oct 03, 2016

"Sam why am i doing this again?" dean huffed as he looked over at Sam, who was sitting on the passengers side of the impala.

"Because Dean I think its time you had a break from hunting for just a little while. Besides it will be fun there is a nice little bar down the road and next to it is a diner with and i quote 'The best pie ever'."

Dean took this all into consideration and still didn't like the idea.

"And where will you be while i am here?"

"I'm heading off to bobbys as soon as you get your ass out of the car, and there is no arguing about it I'm not taking no for an answer"

"Fine I'll go but you better treat my baby right" Dean said sliding out of the impala.

"Don't worry now get out of here."


After getting situated at the motel he sat down and tried to think of something to do. And then he got an idea.

"Cas come on i need ya" silence. "Dont you start ignoring me, Cas" silence again "Cas get your lazy ass down here now!"

"Yes Dean?" Cas apeared behind Dean. 

"Damn ...

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MaxZtrikes MaxZtrikes Mar 20
Why do most people sexuallize wings ?? Like why ?? It's not like it's his d ick. It's like a arm :/
MrMixUp MrMixUp Jun 29, 2016
I love it !!!!  Keep up the hard work :) !  I have the urge to read more .
mihacollar_is_moi mihacollar_is_moi Apr 08, 2016
SHUT UR face PLEASE this story is REALLY NICE and I wouldn't like to have grammar Nazis that ruin it by not just leaving it be
dobbyvanity dobbyvanity Jun 26, 2016
Un normal............Un can say it.....................................Supernatural
Forestaesthetic Forestaesthetic Mar 08, 2016
Runitback I think the best word would be *why don't you shut up and enjoy the story
Smexypineapples Smexypineapples Jun 22, 2015
^ I think the story is good, the typos aren't that big of a deal.