Gone With A Blink ✓

Gone With A Blink ✓

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❝War was war.❞

In the underground city of Cannan, a closely hidden society was preparing for a war. Living among this community, was a girl named Felicity Hudson, who also believed her destiny was to fight.

Forced by society to undergo drills with killer weapons and vigorous physical training, Felicity faced the choice between compelling sides. She could either uncover the truth or live with past forever.

Along with that, how could she forget about her sister, who was gone with a blink ?


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Hey hey, no offence but just wanted to clear a doubt, Zac portrays Chad but you have depicted Chad is guy with dark skin and curly hair
Just started reading, and I'm already deeply in love with this. <3
emraldsky emraldsky May 01
I can't read it. It says those introduction or whatever is on
Yes I’m a huge HP fan and I’m 28,spent all my teenage years obsessing over HP
Can you believe I’ve never read or watched Harry Potter 😰
Just came here to say when I saw u said the city of Cannan I immediately thought of the ghost town in Teen wolf