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2 Can Play At This Game : The Mortal Instruments Fanfic

2 Can Play At This Game : The Mortal Instruments Fanfic

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Wonderbread By kclarissemnn Updated Aug 19, 2016

Clary Fray, a 'normal' teenage girl who went to Shadow Hunting School For Boys and Girls was being played by the school's number one player and womanizer, Jace Lightwood. Clary, one of the victims of his games, was dumped, and on her birthday to make it worse. She thought Jace was serious every time he told her 'I love you' or every time he kissed her and held her, but no.... He never really loved anyone.... he only played with them... So, Clary decides to get revenge on him... and with none other than Alec Lightwood himself who also got cheated on, on the same day Clary got dumped... with these two working together... who knows what can happen... but, sorry to break this to you Jace... if you thought you were the only one who can play with feelings you're wrong... because... 2 can play at this game... (ALL THESE AWESOME CHARACTERS BELONG TO CASSANDRA CLARE, Except for a few characters I made up.... So yes, this is just for fun and the plot of this story is completely made up)

Jace I am going to slap you so hard the person who delivered you will feel it
izzyjean13 izzyjean13 Mar 16
Thank the Angel. I was about to quit this book, sorry but I do not ship Alec. so happy this is clace.
Alpha_Spacewalker Alpha_Spacewalker Nov 23, 2016
I still have a little faith that this isn't really jace and that it is an imposter!
jaceymasey jaceymasey Oct 22, 2016
iAmEverMore iAmEverMore Jun 26, 2016
Dose anyone else find it weird that Alec is just... standing outside on a tree by her window while she doesn't have on jeans???
AlesiaMorgenstern AlesiaMorgenstern Sep 26, 2016
Jace Lightwood must Die!... LOL I'm so thinking about John tucker movie and Jesse's Hot A$$ in it ;)........ God I can't wait get him Clary and please for the love of god don't get back with him no matter what he says don't you dare fall for his sh!t again