Recreation: Primordial Deities

Recreation: Primordial Deities

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What would happen if one had the privilege of recreating a world one already knew from scratch? Would you follow your morality and help develop the world for the better? Be apathetic and leave them to their own business? Give in to your desires and play god to fulfill your wishes? Or just screw around because... Why the hell not?
Join our reincarnated newbie deity Sandalphonia as he matures and becomes a deity who'll make an impact to the world in many ways than he was ever aware of, for better or worse, while he and several other deities rise create the world, help kingdoms rise, and find out more about themselves, and possibly forge close knitted bonds that could spark love and help shape the world.
  But unbeknownst and to him, he was shaping a world that existed in his previous life--the world of a tale called Radiant Hearts Academy.
  [This is my own original story by the way some pictures belong to their rightful owners , until I get the art for the characters from my friends these pics will serve as some type of substitutes credits to their owners]

This story was formerly known as: [Recreating the World of an Otherworldly Tale] As of Jan. 15 2018 its new name will be [Recreation: Primordial Deities].

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kiso-chan kiso-chan Jun 20, 2018
Yep I get youan 1v1 us much better, especially when the seme is possesiv.
SongXiShi SongXiShi May 18, 2018
Oh poor little guy, this is where parents should be more concern and caring about their child. Parents should be more alert about what their children been through EVERYDAY, this is a cruel world afterall.
zombiemeister zombiemeister Jun 26, 2018
“Have their way with me”.... did....did this guy just get raped?
zombiemeister zombiemeister Jun 26, 2018
I can relate to this. I feel like the relatable is gonna drop with the whole “god” thing though...
Shooooooku Shooooooku Mar 25, 2018
yea harem is too much of a pain.. go for op monogamy prota :v
Shipper_From_Hell Shipper_From_Hell Nov 18, 2018
I'm just imagining the group of students bump him unto the road and truck-san appears and runs trough his corpse