15 Days Locked In (Mashton)

15 Days Locked In (Mashton)

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StellClifford By StellClifford Updated Jan 02

"That's enough!" I look up to see Luke and Calum glaring at Michael and I. "You've been acting like jerks for too long now. We don't care that you can't get along anymore but we're in a band! When you start acting like jerks on stage, when even fans can tell that something serious is happening between the two of you, that's too much."

"That's why we - well you actually - are here. We're not here to write songs like we told you. You'll be staying in that house until you sort out whatever is between you, get it? No computer, no key to exit the house, no phone except this one -  which has only Luke and I phone number in it! Now see you soon guys - at least I hope!"

In a second, they are out of the house and the door is locked. I looked over Michael, who has the dumbest and shockest face ever. This is going to be long before I ever feel the sun on my face again.

Warning: this story contains the mention of eating disorders, self harm, swearing etc...