Chocolate Rain. [Niall AU]

Chocolate Rain. [Niall AU]

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What happens when you look at someone from distance for too long?

When his cold gaze met mine, I froze. Those piercing blue eyes looked at me. He had no expression  on his face, but there was this strange sparkle in his eyes. I can swear that 
I saw slight smirk on his face - but maybe it was just my imagination.I see something special in him.

What will happen if he notices me?

dondeestalaniall dondeestalaniall Jul 22, 2016
Dude my fist language is English and I can't even spell my last name most of the time
Jemgirl4 Jemgirl4 Jun 15, 2016
The only mistake I see is speaking which is quite funny because you made the mistake telling us about how you might make mistakes. Lol. NOT MAKING FUN OF YOU AT ALLLLLLLLLLLL. I love this story so far and it is so diffrent
eeece_ eeece_ Jun 22, 2016
Finally a Story where the Girl is such a creep when it comes to her crush 😂😂
Partofthecrowdxx Partofthecrowdxx Apr 07, 2015
This is amazing I'm English and can't even write as well as this 
Stephanie_Horan120 Stephanie_Horan120 Oct 06, 2014
GUIRL be lucky u just don't see him in the summer I'm only aloud to see him at concerts from a certain distance and if we cross that distance we get arrested so be lucky you see him every week in school
xxVanillaxTwilightxx xxVanillaxTwilightxx Sep 27, 2014
Small corrections:
                              The X factor, not the 1st day of school
                              for the past 4 years
                              Haven't seen him in my life 
                              WELCOME TO MY LIFE AS A FANGIRL