The Alpha and His Mate(BOYXBOY)

The Alpha and His Mate(BOYXBOY)

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SuperHero_Coconut By SuperHero_Coconut Updated Aug 27, 2016

Avery Thomson is just your ordinary 17 year old.

Except for the fact that he lives every waking moment in fear of his older brother, who makes it his mission to make Avery's life as miserable as possible.

 When Avery bumps into Craig Roberson in the hallway, he knew there was something different about him, he could just feel it...he just never expected to find himself mated to a Werewolf.

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- - Aug 08, 2017
Awww that's so nice *cries tears of happiness* it's like "we fall together, we fail together" that's just so cute
I love starting a book and the first words I see are "Hey faggot"
- - Aug 08, 2017
Oh so your telling me, he blames you for the death of your father, and constantly takes his anger out on you. You f*cking b*tch, I'm officially changing your name to B*tch face from now on, you won't get away with hurting poor Every, b*tch face!
detective-ares detective-ares Sep 10, 2017
i wish i had a friend like that but my first rule is "trust no one "
lceRose lceRose Jan 06, 2016
Hahahahahaha, is it bad that I see you with a bunny in one hand and a knife in the other
Uries_Fivehead Uries_Fivehead Aug 17, 2015
In other words:
                              If your a homophobe, the door is that way------------>
                              So leave!