Dangerous Love

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Markia By MarkiaSofia Updated 3 years ago
On the inside Alexia is broken and damaged from years of abuse, when she starts to like  Angel she had already taken a vow to never love again. But when Alexia's world comes crumbling down around her again Angel is the only one there to take her mind off of her problems. What will Alexia do when she finds out Angel's big secret when he brings more trouble into her life then she already has. Can she handle his dangerous life style? A little danger never hurts anybody, or has it?
This is super short but It has me wanting more. Very good job. Voted
I don't really like sad stories hoping this won't be too sad. But right now I like how you wrote it. Good job.
The fear of losing that person!  The prologue was strong giving me a sense of suspense of what might happen next.  But on top of that, I think the worse will come to her until a spark of light comes.  Off to next chapter! Great start!
Concluding line was powerful. I enjoyed that. You finished at a nice place. The suspense was alluring and that really pulled me into the story. However, remember not to capitalize full words or phrases for emphasis. There are many other alternatives.
I didn't notice a lot of grammatical/punctuation errors, so that's a good sign. I liked the prologue, but I almost feel like you gave too much away...you just told us right from the beginning that Lexi and Angel fall in love, though the foreshadowing of him possibly dying in the future is great.
You have a very attention grabbing beginning! The way you let your words flow so smoothly got me wanting for more! I'm off to the next:)