Pregnant By My Sisters Boyfriend

Pregnant By My Sisters Boyfriend

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YoursTrulyKeishana By KeeDimpless Completed

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I handed the bartender my Id, he squinted his eyes and and looked at me before handing me back my ID, then proceeded to make my drink.

"This seat taken?"I looked beside me as laid eyes on the most beautiful thing ever. He had eyes the color of this olive in my martini and skin the color ivory that looks so soft, his brown hair fell over his forehead so effortlessly.

""I said softly.

The stranger to the seat beside me and ordered a drink.

"You from here?"He asked. His voice deep, but also soft in the way.

I got another opportunity to look at him."No I'm not."I told him truthfully. I had to take two busses just to get here.

"I'm Brandon by the way."He said.

"Lindsey."I told him the name on my fake Id.

Brandon and I made small talk getting better acquainted, he's twenty five and works out of his fathers law firm after just finishing law school, he's also single.

I finished my third martini and decided it was time to go.

"Thank you Brandon, I had a g...

aww i'm starting to dislike her.
                              Why her sister gotta be so rude why can't she be sweet so then I'll feel bad when she finds out.😭
see? Why can't she be sweet? Oh well. i look forward for when she gets crushed. *evil laughter*😈
TheGrangerGryffindor TheGrangerGryffindor Aug 08, 2016
I'd fight back like I wish my older sister would she finna catch some hands
I feel bad for Kate. She obviously has something going on and needs help.
Bluegirraffe13 Bluegirraffe13 Nov 03, 2016
I loved it!!! Toooootallly! Keep on fighting the good fight and keep on writing this amazing book!!!! 😄😄😄😄
KeeDimpless KeeDimpless May 14, 2014
@Toxic_Tailz this story is fake and completely and utterly made up. Don't read it she under her sisters care and no matter what she shouldn't be treated like that at all.