Living with the Collins

Living with the Collins

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PUBLISHED✅: 15/06/17

Contains 3 parts. 

Part 1 was officially completed on the 26/05/18
Part 2 was officially completed on the 25/10/18
Part 3 is on going.

17 year old Sophia angel Williams has to move in with her mothers best friend after her parents and brother die in a car explosion or at least that's what the police says - Sophia finds it hard to believe that her parents car blew up due to oil leak.

Sophia is a a very strong girl. She sarcastic and beautiful. She has the body of an angle. She works out at lot too, she enjoys boxing and also was known as a bad girl in her old school and home town. She enjoys sports a lot and is a very active girl. She also enjoys dancing and singing. But Sophia wants to keep her old life a secret. She doesn't want the Collins finding out about her past.

Sophia is moving in with the Collins. The Collins family have 12 kids. All boys. Sophia will have to live with 12 boys. More to that, there will also be someone who she wouldn't think would be there.

Will she survive living with 12 boys during her senior year?! Will Sophia be able to keep her past away from the Collins?'

WARNING: This book contains strong language and sexual content.

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giantalbino giantalbino Sep 28
“RING RING RING RING you don’t hit my line no more ah ahhhh you don’t make it RING RING RING RING”
The only thing in this story that is not like me is the cheerleading
I love the main characters personality it’s not basic but it’s not to much her personality describes me a lot which I love just wanted to say that I really love it and it’s very interesting that she will be living with 12 boys
I've read a book similar to this, it's called Life with the Walter Boys
kbrownie93 kbrownie93 Oct 30
Im not even that far into the book and I'm crying😭😭😭😭