Sweet as Sugar, Crazy as Hell

Sweet as Sugar, Crazy as Hell

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"Are you crazy?!" He asked me for the zillionth time.

"Yes!" I replied, hopping over another trap.

"How did I end up having you as a partner?" He muttered under his breath.

I giggled, "You better hurry up, rookie, 'cause I can sense hounds coming our way."


Before I could answer, an alarm going off stopped me.

I giggled, "Time to die!"


Dayana (Nope, it's not Diana, it's Dayana),more known as Ana, is your typical crazy bitch. Well, not crazy as in thinking aliens are real. More like the 'oh-there's-a-killer-I-should-go-play-with-him' crazy. Maybe that's why she's in a gang... more specifically the 'ace' of the gang.

Xander is that 'cute-boy-next-door' kind of guy. He's super sweet. Most girls swoon for him, others already think their 'together' just because he's sweet to them. Most boys wanna be his friends to be with girls, while others wanna be his friend 'cause of his friendliness. Although our dear Xander here is sweet, he  can't help but get in trouble himself. So when you see a girl killing someone with a candy cane (I am so SORRY for all those candy lovers out there), he is forced to join a gang which his father used to be a part of in his youth.

Buuuuut, do you guys know who candy cane girl is? You already know so I won't have to tell you.

first cover: @UcanDreambig
Second cover: @izxati

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