Running from my Alpha mate

Running from my Alpha mate

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Megan Turner By meganturner308 Updated Mar 29, 2014

"Sammy you are mine so don't fight it." He said.

He started to kiss down my neck and I growled.

"Get off of me I don't want you." That pissed him off her pushed me even further into the tree. His whole body touching my body.

"Well you don't have a choice in this Baby." He then laughed I was getting mad. I was about to get even more mad when my brother came out...


     Samantha Elizabeth Lee is a werewolf. Her father died when she was younger so she doesn't remember him to much. Her family has been moving around because someone is after Samantha. Her older brother Seth is very protective of her. She use to live in sunny Cali but now they are some where in Kentucky. Sammy just wanted to go back to her home. She wasn't a slut like everyone else at her home town. Her brother was popular because he was quarterback and she was the head cheerleader but she wasn't mean to people. This family has a big secret that nobody must know.

    Jackson Kyle Smith is an Alpha. He has a perfect life. His father and mother are always there. He was the quarterback to his football team. He has the mos powerful pack in the world and he isn't a player. He loves to play with his little sister Julie. He just needs one more to keep his life perfect his mate.

What happens when Jackson meets Samantha? Will Samantha let Jackson in? Will Samantha ever live a normal life? Will these people leave Samantha alone? Find out in my book

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Ladynoirfanficreader Ladynoirfanficreader Sep 05, 2016
I'm going to read this, FANGIRL a bunch, and then be super upset because there is only four chapters. Okay. Lez do dis.