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The God Has Fallen

The God Has Fallen

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Jamille Fumah By JFstories Updated 11 hours ago

Karma comes for billionaire Rogue Saavedra in the unlikeliest of ways when he becomes stranded on a secluded island - Jane, a jungle woman.


When billionaire bachelor Rogue Saavedra finds himself stranded on a secluded island after his luxury yacht gets lost in the ocean, he realizes that karma may finally have caught up to him. Kept hostage by a tribe of old women claiming he is "God" and their last hope to avoid extinction, Rogue submits to his captors while he tries to hatch a plan for his escape. However, when he is introduced to the tribe's "Pukangkang" whom he is to marry so he can fulfill a prophecy, Rogue meets his match. With her perfect face and body, Pukangkang, or Jane, as she becomes known to Rogue, is a goddess who has him under her spell. Together, they plan their getaway on a raft that they secretly builds. Will they make their escape and live happily ever after?