Jean x Reader x Eren (Part 1)

Jean x Reader x Eren (Part 1)

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One_Eyed_Seeing By One_Eyed_Seeing Updated Jun 06, 2014

"No! Daddy! Stop, I have to go help him!"

You finally woke up from your nightmare, breathing heavily. It's been 3 years since your dad died that day when the Colossal Titan showed up in Shiganshina. You also didn't know where your mother was. You woke up for your military training to join the Recon Corps. and to try and get your revenge from the titans.

~Time skip~

You made it. Keith Shardis, the trainee's instructor, started asking almost everyone why they signed up to be in the military. You said some because he skipped the ones who most likely saw hell a few years ago, you were one of the people he skipped. You saw one guy near you get asked and he said he was going to go to the military police, Jean Kirschtein. Then there was another, a bit farther away, was asked because he had the salute wrong, Connie Springer. Then there was a girl, Sasha Braus, got in trouble for eating a potato during that time. 'Do these people take the military seriously?!' you ask in yourself in your min...

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long, curly, red hair. Not actually how my hair looks, but I like to make things up.
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