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Ignoring and Ignorance (Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi FanFiction)

Ignoring and Ignorance (Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi FanFiction)

28.4K Reads 667 Votes 4 Part Story
Inu By InuVampireChan Completed

Yugi’s been having a hard time. His friends act like he’s not there. Yami and Atemu ignore him and his grandfather is in America visiting professor Hawkins. What Yugi can’t figure out is why everyone is ignoring him. It gets to the point where Yugi the Hikari falls into the darkness. A place where no Hikari should ever end up. Can someone pull Yugi out of his darkness? Or will Yugi only end up falling farther in? Why did everyone abandon Yugi? Disclaimers- I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. Art on my cover belongs to the original owner.

Ari_Night Ari_Night Nov 19, 2016
You just noticed..........Great job. Should I pat you on the back? And applaud for your stupidity? * slow claps * 😒
CrystalPrettyGem CrystalPrettyGem Dec 05, 2016
Wow. So many people want to attack Yami. I know that most here have been in the fandom and ship Yami and Yugi more than I do, but please control yourselves. I may be late to the party, but I don't think that Yami should deal with so many dedicated yanderes after him.
YamiAngel17 YamiAngel17 Oct 29, 2016
When we get home, I'm going to go the the backyard ok, grab my butcher knife, chop the branch, chop the stick from the tree (Very long one) and I'm gonna have to whip a B$%$*. 
                              IM GONNA HAVE TO WHIP YOU!
                              IM GONNA HAVE TO WHIP YOU!!
Foxy_Wolfy Foxy_Wolfy Mar 05
Okey all this numbers are confusing me!!
                              I don't know were I went!! Am lost!!
                              So confusing...
nerdy_girl_cx nerdy_girl_cx Mar 26, 2016
Bish!! I know good and damn well u DID NOT just say that to my little yugi!!
CrystalPrettyGem CrystalPrettyGem Dec 05, 2016
Uh oh. Run Yami and Atemu. You got some yanderes after you. And yanderes are scary, especially if they are extremely dedicated and have been attached to a ship or fandom for a long time.