The Alpha's Baby Girl.

The Alpha's Baby Girl.

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❤️ By Deynnalove16 Updated Apr 30, 2015

Adam Bishop is to become Alpha of the most strongest and largest pack in North America, The Royal Blood Wolf Pack, but he needs a Luna. 

Don't get me wrong he's dating a "beautiful and wonderful" woman by the name of Bethany. Only the problem is, she isn't his true mate and isn't her true "self", but the pack doesn't know that. 

He is to turn twenty-one soon and his father will hand down the duty of leading the pack to Adam. 

Zola Hamilton is a she-wolf in the Royal Blood Wolf Pack. She goes unnoticed for years staying out of trouble and sight as much as she can, but that is very hard because of her obnoxious best friend.

She covers her sent up so her mate cannot find her. Why? Zola herself doesn't know.

One night she is dragged by her best friend to a bar where she meets Adam face to face for the first time. Sure she's seen him from far away. 

Both drunk and caught up in the moment Adam knocks her up.

Embarrassed when Zola finds out, she hides in her room everyday fearing rejection and humiliation, but once she turns nineteen she finds out that Adam is her mate. 

Too bad he is getting married the next month.

CREDIT FOR THE COVER GOES TO.....@gemini6601 ..... SHE IS AMAZING!!!! <3

qtxsof qtxsof Jun 16, 2015
I just read the description and I already fell in love with the book
X149052X X149052X Jun 11, 2015
Dammit! I can't read it now it's got my name in it, this sucks. Bethany is probably going to be the B**** of the story. 
AfraidOfTheUnknown AfraidOfTheUnknown May 30, 2015
Yeah that sucks *stuffs food in mouth* *laughs and walks away while wondering what they are doing with their life*
Raestrao Raestrao Jan 25, 2015
this cover is so cute! the pup is so irresistable! >< ♥♥♥
0No0Pun0Intended0 0No0Pun0Intended0 Jan 23, 2015
The cover page, the photo of the baby wolf in the two hands, I did a stippling on that drawing in art class.
Deegin_ Deegin_ Nov 26, 2014
YAAS I LURV DAT BOOK!!...At least I think I read it. .. I'm sure I did!