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Silly Chains of Mine (Soul Eater FanFiction)

Silly Chains of Mine (Soul Eater FanFiction)

213K Reads 5.3K Votes 31 Part Story
Faith ^.^ By xLuckyLocketx Updated Jul 07, 2016

Luna and Silver are the newest students in the DWMA, who aren't exactly your normal students. No one knows EXACTLY why but it sure as hell isn't for learning. Luna has a secret and is searching for one particular person but when she find out what she's been searching for almost her whole life her secret may not be much of a secret any more. Will she be able to find this person and keep her secret intact? Or will she lose friends in the process of fulfilling her quest?        
This pair of Meister and Weapon may not be as strong on the inside as they are on the outside. 
NOTE: My story does follow the main story line of the anime but I'm of course going to change bits especially with my OC's ^_^ ENJOY!!           

Next Target: 200,000 reads and 5,000 votes! LEGGO!!!!

Like how all these people are imagining their version of Luna. I'm just going with the cover
basiclyliz basiclyliz Apr 23
Oh Blair and I think the sun and moon would have to be soul eaters main characters there in every episode
Angler_Fish Angler_Fish Jun 11
Sleep through avalanche from crack caused by said earthquake
AngelicD3M0N AngelicD3M0N May 29, 2016
'We finally found the room we were looking for and there stood Death in all his black glory.'
                              If you read it a little slower, it sounds like you're calling him a black man. AKA, it sounds RACIST.
Cheshire_Wonderland_ Cheshire_Wonderland_ Jul 25, 2016
Silver hair that reaches the middle of her back with blue eyes and when she shows emotion with her eyes, there is flecks of green and silver.
MasterDevi13666 MasterDevi13666 Jul 30, 2016
She has long silver hair that reaches her waist and it is in pig-tails.
                              She has very pale skin 
                              She also has light pink eyes.
                              Her outfit is a plain blood red tang top, a black leather jacket, black leggings and black combat boots. She also has a black slicked braclet