Secret Agent, Counterspy [Highly Doubt You'd Read The Whole Thing!]

Secret Agent, Counterspy [Highly Doubt You'd Read The Whole Thing!]

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A/N: In case any of you are suspicious on why the votes and reads are nearly the same, the truth is I only get reads by votes... most people avoid this book because of how long it is. Or people just hate spy books in general!

Completed December 2017. 

Highest ranking #9 in Mystery/Thriller!

Picture this. You're a teenager named Kieran or Lauriel with a perfectly normal life, you go to school, you have fun, you study (hopefully)... 

You've been in love with someone at school for over two years but you've never talked to them and you always make a fool of yourself anytime you're around them?

Then it turns out, they're not who you think they are?

But then there's a life changing event, two actually, and your best friend

Who you thought always had your back,

Isn't who you think he is?

And your older brother really winds you up...

To the point where you just want to- ugh!

But then....

Suddenly, you've been kidnapped by two strangers you've never met before, taking you to some crazy place also known as KOZAHKISTAN HEADQUARTERS?

Then a crazy doctor named Doctor Kozak asks you to do something...

Three things, actually. 

And all of a sudden,

You're a spy?

Crazy right?

Even crazier- you've got to get something back for this deranged doctor from his arch nemesis Diana Valentine before time is up otherwise you... die?

Die? You think to yourself. 


I'm too young to die!

Well guess what- nobody cares!

Everything is a life or death situation now. 

And to top that all off... it's your seventeenth birthday and so many bad things are happening to you?!

Basically you've been jinxed. 

By Doctor Kozak.  

And worst of all...

Doctor Kozak does something to you....

Something that changes your life forever...

Which is....

I'm sorry. I can't say. I can't spoil it for you.

Beware: Lots Of Plot Twists!!

  • action
  • danger
  • death
  • drama
  • dystopian
  • enemies
  • featured
  • fighting
  • heist
  • horror
  • kidnapped
  • killer
  • murder
  • revenge
  • serialkiller
  • spy
  • survival
  • suspense
  • thriller
  • undiscoveredgems
But what if its beautiful roads leading to difficult destinations?
Lol reminds me of highschool
                              I legit stalked a crush for an entire day once... Only to find out at the end of the day that they liked me and willfully did things I liked to get my attention.
                              *Sniffles* a day of skipped classed for nothin smh.....
Elevator 😂😂😂 oh my God. How do you do it? I m amazed by your talent really❤
Then... I'll die.
                              I don't have a best friend.
                              I have nobody.
                              Im... Nevermind
                              YOU GOT THAT JUSTIN
                              GET IT BOIIII
Jeez, talk about suspense. Literally in 3 sentences it gave me a heart attack