Secret Agent, Counterspy: To Steal, Kill And Destroy.

Secret Agent, Counterspy: To Steal, Kill And Destroy.

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(Tuesday    26/09/17)


She stared at Kieran like she was out to get him. 

"L...L...Lauriel?" Kieran stammered, backing away from her immediately. "Now now, put that thing down. We don't want you being mean to anyone do we?"

But she didn't listen to Kieran. His blood was rushing through his veins, and he felt like he was going to just lose all of it in a few minutes. 

Kieran gulped as Lauriel came closer to him. 

"Lauriel... Lauriel!!"

It was too late though. She didn't listen. She took it out, and Kieran ran. 

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him across the entire hallway. Lauriel  had a mental illness all right. 

"Come out, come out wherever you are..."

Kieran hid. He couldn't take this anymore. She was going to do it to him. 

Frantically, Kieran gasped and wheezed. Hyperventilating too. His sweat was running through his face like a drop of rain through a window. 

"Aha! Found you, Kieran."

He wanted to scream for help. Hopefully this was all a dream. Hopefully life was all a dream, and when Kieran died, he woke up. Hopefully, just hopefully, none of this was real.....

Kieran pinched himself. 
And again. 
This was NOT a dream....


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Lastly this book is ongoing, meaning that I have NOT completed it, but it will hopefully be finished by the end of 2017 at least.

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tessa5314 tessa5314 5 days ago
Awesome part of the story it's pretty cool I wish I knew how to Mae stories like that bc they make sense and more things like that.
Tara676 Tara676 Oct 07
Excuse moi while I'm trying to remember your name...
                              Might as well as calling this guy Kazakhstan x"D
staraquatic staraquatic Oct 06
Oooo this is getting interesting! I’d run though to be honest!
Redcheeks786 Redcheeks786 3 days ago
awww...there is a great danger in giving birth of premature child
Tara676 Tara676 Oct 07
Dang son xD Writing 100 parts might take me 2 years to complete xD
LavaSheep LavaSheep 2 days ago
This was a really exciting chapter! Can’t wait to read more! :)