Secret Agent, Counterspy (Completed, Not A Fanfic)

Secret Agent, Counterspy (Completed, Not A Fanfic)

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♛ 𝕶𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖚𝖆 ♛ By KilluaAngel Completed

A/N: In case any of you are suspicious on why the votes and reads are nearly the same, the truth is I only get reads by votes... most people avoid this book because of how long it is. Or people just hate spy books in general. 

Completed December 2017. 

Highest ranking #9 in Mystery/Thriller!

Kieran and Lauriel are two opposite people that basically end up living the same life. Kieran is a fifteen year old teenager that has three siblings named Cameron, Jessica and Susannah, lives with his father as well as another unwanted person. 

Lauriel in the meantime has an older brother named Aaron, who is her only sibling, and truly truly hates life. She hates her family, her parents and everything in general.

When she does something that she hopes her family never finds out about, she ends up going somewhere that she's never been before as well as meeting someone she doesn't remember ever meeting, but knows. All of a sudden, her life has changed (can't say for better or for worse) and she realises she's in a life or death situation. 

Same with Kieran. How he ends up being in the same place as Lauriel is the same (kinda) and he meets the same person as well. His life also changes. 

Long story short, these two totally different people, that only know each other because they go to the same school, might as well be twins because it's like they're living the same life, as mentioned earlier. Although for one person, this new life is better than the other person's....

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