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Roza By RozalittleDhampir Updated Aug 01, 2012

"Evangeline Harper, welcome to the underworld..." 

 Evangeline was bitten on her way home from a date, and finds herself in an underground society full of vampires. Strange right? well, thats not the end of it. They all have different colored eyes, each one reflecting an elemental power: light,earth,water,fire. Evangeline has gold eyes, meaning she is a gold, a rare vampire. Each vampire has a different job to fulfill. Evangeline is a hunter, the most deadly task of all, and she is being taught by Damen, a seemingly cold mentor. But what will happen when it comes to the day of unity, when vampires are paired for reproduction. Will Evangeline learn the pain of forbidden love?

raph_hamato raph_hamato Aug 17, 2016
amazing and thanks for the tips of kicking my boyfriends ass
ElfenLore ElfenLore Feb 08, 2013
i looked at your comments and saw some critiquing but all i have to say is it sounds awsome so far!
BellaMilano BellaMilano Dec 08, 2012
I think that 'Oh god oh god oh god..." is too run-on and repetitive.
                              You should change it to...
                              "Oh god. No. Oh god!"
Kinzin12 Kinzin12 Aug 25, 2012
Omg your start of the book was just goood  i love your cover an im vampire writer myself and this was really good!! On to the next chapter.....
wolfene_ wolfene_ Jul 03, 2012
What a great start! You had me with the intense suspense and all your words had created the scene in my head. As of expected with your work!
ZeffaRose ZeffaRose May 07, 2012
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!