That Guy With The Guitar ||Shawn Mendes||

That Guy With The Guitar ||Shawn Mendes||

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Em✌ By Viner_Boys Updated Apr 21, 2016

Emily has to move to away from her fabulous home in California and move to Canada.

Cold, boring Canada.  

She has to go live with her dad because her parents have a divorce and her mom decided she should go live with him.

Having no choice, she flies over to Canada and it surprised to see Shawn Mendes.

Only she doesn't know it was him at first.

She figures out when Shawn asks her if she has been stalking him. Confused she says no and then he introduces himself. 

Will this move to Canada be better than she thought?

Cover made by: @worldgirlalways

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soifyouwill soifyouwill Apr 19, 2017
I love sleep but I stay up all night then regret it in the morning then I do it again. I'm weird af
meagansbizzle meagansbizzle Sep 08, 2017
pandazieglers pandazieglers Aug 27, 2017
I would love to live in Canada. Shawn biebs and Juan Ortiz live there
lararose9 lararose9 Jul 10, 2017
Listen, Shawn, your cute and all, but, touch my food again I'll flip a biotech
elephant193 elephant193 Sep 05, 2017
I saw the amount of comments and I laughed so hard 😂 i don't even think the author meant to do that lol
meagansbizzle meagansbizzle Sep 08, 2017
I think y'all are just jealous he's topping the charts 24/7. LOL SORRY