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Moving in with the Griers ( Hayes Grier fanfic)

Moving in with the Griers ( Hayes Grier fanfic)

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heyo By phanqts Completed

i wrote this story a while ago.  the grammar is absolutely terrible, i used way too many exclamation points, and overall its really bad.  i suggest you do not read this story that i wrote in SEVENTH GRADE. (i am a sophomore now) do you expect a seventh grader to be the next john green?  my writing is tremendously better now, but if you choose to read this, do not comment rude or offense things, i am aware of how bad it is just by re-reading the first chapter. thank you!

Gianna Smith is living the perfect life of a 13 year old. She is an only child, so her mother takes extra care of her.  When her mother breaks the news that they are moving to North Carolina, Gianna can only think of the negatives.  Although, there is one thing she will be looking forward to.

harryxxxlouis69 harryxxxlouis69 Dec 19, 2016
This isnt bad writing i understand good. BTW. I oldready love this?
- - Jul 10, 2016
I would be like, "yeah. Ok...why are you guys acting like my cat just got ran over or something?" I would not be like that. 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
am i the only one who actually thought that was her last name?
trippycameron trippycameron Nov 30, 2016
They look at each others genitals... then look at mine. "Hunny... I know this is a big step for you but... we want to have a 3 some..."
trippycameron trippycameron Aug 09, 2016
"UHHH" She screams while rubbing her sore loose wrinkly elephant pussy, this can't be happening!
- - Jul 10, 2016
When my mom says sweetie pie...I know that somethings wrong. Last time she used it...I broke my leg...that was when I was three. All the other times...she usually just calls me by my whole name. "ASH RENEE JORDAN!!!" Oh great what the flip did she find out about this time?