Scary True Stories

Scary True Stories

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Most of us are familiar with the tradition of scary stories. Usually while gathered around a campfire, people will swap spooky tales about things that go bump in the night. These fanciful stories were just enough to scare you, without totally pushing you over the edge... But what happens when scary stuff starts happening?

We've gathered some real life horror stories from the internet. Whether you prefer paranormal activity, or tales of adventurous escapes of death's grasp, these real horror stories will make your skin crawl, and at the very least, rob you of some (if not all) shut-eye.

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I would call my friend by a very different name.. He won't repond.. Then I would realize that I used a different name..
Tinasim40 Tinasim40 Sep 08
It's been proven that people under the age of 13 or even 14 can see Gost/sprits because their imaginion is more flexible. Of course there are people who are born with the sixth sense and have it all their lives but everyone at some point in their lives has had the sixth sense.
-badtzmaru -badtzmaru Aug 21
My religion teacher was once replaced and someone told me she was dead. Sure, i believed it but, a couple of months later, she showed up. Like wutdufuq.
I've also attacked someone with a tree branch I know the feeling