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A Week Was All It Took (One Direction Fan Fiction)

A Week Was All It Took (One Direction Fan Fiction)

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Peter's Wendy❤️✨ By WendyDarlingxxx Updated Sep 28, 2015

Zoey accidentally gets stuck in a tour bus with One Direction. Every fans dream come true right? Well shes not a fan. She doesn't like them. It seems as if she's the only girl in the world that is immune to Direction Infection. But what happens when she starts falling for 1/5 of One Direction?  Can she stay immune to Direction Infection? Or will she soon catch a cold for them too?

OMG THE FIRST FAN FIC I SAW WITH MY NAME !! 😂😂 but my name is spelt as Z-O-E with no "Y"
I have ginger hair and blue eyes. I'm care free (depends who to 😂) and I always make it to class on time. My friends call me a goodie two shoes and seriously it annoys me. But at least I'll get better grades
CrazyBadassNerd CrazyBadassNerd Jul 19, 2016
Yeh people who know this stuff are crazy 
                              And as melanie martinez once said 
                              All the best people are crazy
niallshershey niallshershey Dec 01, 2016
My dad actually likes them. He just can't remember their band name.. he'll be like "uh...what are they called?" But he'll randomly put their music on.😂😂
catlady321 catlady321 Apr 02, 2016
ME: Mom! Why are u waking me up? It's Saturday.
                              Mom: GET UR BUTT OUT OF BED!! ITS MODAY, U DUMB BUTT!! WAKE THE HECK UP!
LittleMiss-Fangirl LittleMiss-Fangirl Jul 27, 2016
*coughs* *clears throat**preppy american girl voice* it's One Perfection.