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My new neighbor ( Harry styles, bad boy)

My new neighbor ( Harry styles, bad boy)

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Potatoes26 By Potatoes26 Completed

Faith is 17 years old and live all by herself in an apartment. Her mom has lung cancer and is in the hospital. She works at a bar/resturant with guys that is checking her ou every minute. But what happens when she get a new neighbor. He's a bad boy, Harry Styles.  Cinderella, walked on broken glas Aurora, let a whole lifetime pass Belle, fell in love with a hideous beast Jamine, married a common thief Ariel, walked on land for love Snow White, barley escaped a knife Because love means facing your biggest fears...

harrysalovelycupcake harrysalovelycupcake May 14, 2016
I just realized that never in your wildest dreams is from bse and then Taylor came out with a song called wildest dreams...
Melisa_Q Melisa_Q Apr 20, 2016
Dame that nurse doe "you have to leave Now" like she is visiting her mom let her be
AamyaMcGinty_ AamyaMcGinty_ Aug 30, 2016
Jesus Lord Girl Chill Tf out all he did was kiss you and your gonna call the cops? But when that guy was like trying to rape you, you were all like 'No don't call the cops' Like Chill out I would gladly take your place.😂🙄
cupcakesandhazza cupcakesandhazza Sep 28, 2016
K Imma just say it. Don't ever put a Taylor swift reference in a fücking Harry styles book. The two just don't mix.
sashaheinzebeanz sashaheinzebeanz Mar 10, 2016
Honey ? That annoys me coz it isn't something that Harry would say
peterdis peterdis Jan 23, 2016
I just lost all respect for this chic. GUUURRL U JUST MET THEM