HedgeGate: Tyrant of Fire (#Wattys2017)

HedgeGate: Tyrant of Fire (#Wattys2017)

607 Reads 128 Votes 24 Part Story
Probably dying By Wildheart911 Completed

Illustrated and Written/Edited by: @Wildheart911

HedgeGate: A tall, looming building, surrounded by a protective flame, warding away travellers and lost, only found by those worthy.

Only those with monster blood are allowed to enter.

A story filled with plenty of references to other fandoms, it's a one-book tale of four characters with extremely different personalities.

  • bat
  • death
  • devil
  • fantasy
  • gay
  • ghost
  • human
  • humour
  • monster
  • monsters
  • mystery
  • toad
  • vampire
  • war
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  • wendigo
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  • wesley
DragonGirl_97 DragonGirl_97 Jun 12, 2017
You've explained twice what Wesley's eyes look like. Also, great descriptions.
DragonGirl_97 DragonGirl_97 Jun 12, 2017
Ooh, interesting. So they aren't the MCs of this story? I haven't quite met a book like this. Your descriptions are really well done and especially like the imagery you create at the brittle snowfall part. ^_^
LottieWriter101 LottieWriter101 Jun 19, 2017
Inviting. Dragging me into another world, good luck for me trying to not getting eaten by a monster -gulps- SAVE ME! 😂
TFoxCat1 TFoxCat1 Jun 25, 2017
It seems as if Wesley is like an older big brother figure (who may be Bo's lover) or head of the household that consists of himself, Bo, and the missing Ghost.
                              Also, why did Bo exit from the window..? XD
DebAMacD DebAMacD Jun 18, 2017
Interesting choice in introducing the MC first but be forwarded you should bring him or her forward soon you want to give your reader time to become invested in them.
LottieWriter101 LottieWriter101 Jun 19, 2017
Like the fact it is starting differently with a main character, I don't know what to say about them since I don't know much about them but will look forward to see what they are up to in the upcoming chapters!