Zone Zero

Zone Zero

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Krystal Markey By krystal-44 Completed

~~~~~Mature content inside. You have been warned~~~~~


The war to end all wars finally happened. What was left of humanity retreated and built concrete walls to keep their enemies at bay.

What enemy you ask? Vampires.

Bloodthirsty monsters that have severed ties to their own past mortality and have embraced the darkness within them.

Their viciousness knows no bounds as they capture humans wherever they can and sell them like livestock. 

Evie Childs is one of those unlucky humans. 

But when she comes face to face with a vampire she knows she should fear, something inside her tells her otherwise. 

What is it about this vampire and his striking blue eyes that entices her so?  And why does he seem to have the same attraction to her?

***This is book 1 of 3***

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ridedickbicycle ridedickbicycle Nov 17, 2017
so we'll welcome vampires but not refugee children smfh American
If the vampires kill everyone and everything thing there pretty much killing themselves  how else are there going to get their daily dose of blood?
Could u imagine if they aired in in say like America and the whole world is like “erma gawd” and then like 12 hours later the Aussies wake up like “fûck what’d I miss?”
Oh wow. So america wouldn't take in refugees and immigrants but is ready to take in vampire? Great priorities.
AminahJenkins AminahJenkins Dec 15, 2017
Nahhh, bro humams stay being stupid,  like j-just stay over there. Dats what yall get
ChemicalHappy_Inc ChemicalHappy_Inc Oct 21, 2017
Vampires are idiots. What will they do if they exterminate the human race? They are slowly milking themselves because they are eating at their food supply faster than it can multiply and reproduce. I swear, old age is getting to them.