Alpha King

Alpha King

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Brooke-Lynn By BrookeChillman Completed

*hey guys please don't read this it needs MAJOR editing and revising!!! I wrote it when I was 15 and it was a total L on my part so don't read it until I've edited it! And if you chose to read please beware that something's may not make sense! 

The Alpha King people describe him as ruthless, cruel, intimidating, aggressive, killer and just plain awful. I didn't see it though, when I first met Colton in the hall he was caring, kindhearted soul. He loved me with everything he had that is until his twin brother Xavier stepped into the picture. Xavier was full of kindness and his brother soon started becoming merciless, even towards me. When a witch revels that the brother share a mate, all hell breaks lose and it's up to me to decide who I want more; the now cruel Alpha King or sweet like sugar Xavier. 

The second books out! Look for it either on my account or search the title "Claimed by the Alpha King" the second book is where it gets good.

AUTHORS NOTE: DO NOT message me and ask to edit MY book or comment little errors that I have made. I have a life and try to write/ edit when I can, so please stop harassing me.

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so the only type of balls he has comes from his friends boasting  up his ego does that mean in bed if the girl isn't crying out his name is motivation is gone and his member goes limp cause he seems like the type
RachelOutcast RachelOutcast Mar 25, 2017
Ok slow down, chill, and start talking like a normal person, and organize yourself. Damn.
crazywillstaycrazy crazywillstaycrazy May 08, 2017
omg i was seriously listening to roger rabbit by sleeping with sirens as i was reading this
lukelover1234 lukelover1234 Mar 13, 2016
Not hating or anything, but other than full stops, there is a severe lack of punctuation
smiles_go_a_long_way smiles_go_a_long_way Feb 24, 2016
Hope is not lost... I read another story where the girl liked all time low, my chemical romance, and motionless in white... thanks god it's not Miley Cyrus or somethin
LovingStrangers__ LovingStrangers__ Nov 06, 2015
Everybodys like I love that song ! And im here like who names a rabbit roger ?