Starfighters (Arcanas, Book 1)

Starfighters (Arcanas, Book 1)

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Shana Bloom By starfighterbloom Updated 16 hours ago

Shana Bloom, a 17-year-old girl living in the greatest witch city in the world, unwillingly acquires dangerous Arcanas that forces her to study at Starfighters Academy.


When her father does not contact her in two days, Shana Bloom thinks of the worst. She has a twenty-year plan since childhood about her future, a future that does not include acquiring Arcanas to become a Starfighters and to protect the world against darkmons, monsters made of darkness plaguing the world.

However, when he father returns with a dark secret, she has no other choice but to save him from himself. Little does she know that this action will turn her world upside-down. Is it not strange how one's life can drastically change in the space of one night? Shana will have to learn this lesson the hard, dreadful way.

In a world we know too well, where witches secretly cohabit with nowitches, a 17-year-old girl will have to uncover the mystery surrounding her father while learning to master her Arcanas as she studies at Starfighters Academy, still unaware that a darkness greater than darkmons lurks in the shadows.

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