Red (The Spectrum Series: #2) (TO BE PUBLISHED)

Red (The Spectrum Series: #2) (TO BE PUBLISHED)

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Allison White By AuthorAWhite Updated Mar 10, 2018

Noah Wells is a good boy who is living the dream of nineteen-year-olds, traveling the world; with a trail of handmade art and beautiful women in his wake. That is until his parents put a halt on his adventures and send him to college for a year. Attending a prestige university like a fish out of water, he runs into a fireball of a girl: Red Sylvetti - the campus badass; someone you don't want to mess with. Ever. Noah is instantly astonished by her golden hair, face piercings, and tattoos. She's rude, rebellious, and a poster-girl for danger. But that doesn't stop him from falling for her.  

When they collide, a spark blooms into an uncontrollable fire. These two will encounter unpredictable lust, a whole lot of clashing, and maybe even something a whole lot more complicated.


Only 10% of this book is up as a teaser, due to publication.