H.O.W.L (EXO FanFic)

H.O.W.L (EXO FanFic)

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♡VMIN♤ By ExoChanchan98 Completed

Lee Jae Hee is a 21 year old girl who dreamt of becoming a professional photographer for famous magazines, idols and etc. One day she was hired by one of the famous company in Seoul, SM Entertainment. Which consist of one of the most famous idol boy group in Korea. But it seems like it didn't go as she expected.  What will happen to her?

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Credits to; Farizah_Yoseob for making such an incredible cover xD

metolazy metolazy May 20
Hmph i dun see anythin connected wid twilight and exo hmph they shud stup comparin it exo is wweaaayyyy more better than twilight i for one is addicted to twilight wen i was ung but i never thought of twilight in exo wolf fanfics
i dont noe the movie twilight but i noe it got nothing to do with this story...im gonna enjoy reading this story soooo much
Not sure what EXO and twilight have in common. But twilight's pretty popular so if people are comparing the two stories then pffft I dunno maybe you could look at it as a compliment? Maybe? Huh? No? I'll go now.
AmyStanton9 AmyStanton9 Jun 23
Sorry people keep mentioning twilight. Don't worry. I won't say it. Sorry tho.
That's what I thought so too. I'm seriously over my limit with people saying it again and again.
Actually, I've never thought of twightlight while reading this book. How does it even connect to this book!?