Skyla Knight: Legend of the Serpent

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Ashley Elizabeth Taylor By AshleyElizabethTaylo Updated 2 years ago
In another world, Nevana, novens are the dominant species. They are perfect, incapable of wrong. For many centuries they have been living in total peace with humans, presenting themselves as perfect godly creatures. But when one of their own, school teacher Mrs. Whitaker, is murdered their world is suddenly turned upside down, secrets are uncovered, tales and legends are revisited. Sixteen year old Skyla Knight, an unlikely suspect finds herself caught in the eye of the storm after her life suddenly takes a drastic turn the days leading after the murder. Though it does not seem she has anything to do with Mrs. Whitaker's tragic murder or the murders that follow she is seemingly caught in the crosshairs of a frightening legend that many do not believe in and the reality of frightening events occurring around her. Having always been different from everyone around her, Skyla has more to do with what's going on than she thinks.
OMG SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD, best read on wattpad ever! Why is this not formally published!