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Unforgettable (Sebaciel)

Unforgettable (Sebaciel)

189K Reads 6.4K Votes 13 Part Story
Eren By OneHellOfAHeichou Completed

A Black Butler Yaoi fan fiction with the pairing of Sebastian and Ciel. Please know that this fan fiction contains mature content!

Tell me this
                              Who cant play games?
                              (Even the most simole ones)
sebastian and (not)innocent don't go in the same sentence unless there's a not in between them.
cielthewatchdog cielthewatchdog Mar 28, 2016
Well Ciel's screwed that's just a given.
                              This fanfiction is amazing btw?
Levi_Jaegerman Levi_Jaegerman Nov 06, 2016
I just for some reason thought of rotten watermelon... "juicy bits?"
MIlkoplays MIlkoplays Jan 04
Mortals... did you call me a mortal DAMMIT SEBASTIAN YOURE NOT THOR OR LOKI
i-love-naruto i-love-naruto Jul 01, 2016
Does this involve sticking a certain thing in a certain place that is sure to be followed by screams???