Immortal Impossibility (A Damon and Elena Baby Story)

Immortal Impossibility (A Damon and Elena Baby Story)

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An_Anonymous_Author By An_Anonymous_Author Updated Jul 20, 2014

I stared down at the item in my hand with three emotions swirling in my head. 

First, disbelief. This couldn't happen. It just couldn't. With everything going on, everyone I have lost, life wouldn't do this too me.

Second, confusion. Could fate honestly have this in store for me? No. It was impossible. Right?

Third, fear. I am only 18. I don't want to be a parent and Damon doesn't either. Damon and I can't be parents to a child we NEVER planned on having. Vampires aren't supposed to be able to procreate. What would Damon even say? 

I couldn't help myself from crying at the item in my hands. 

My tears began coming harder and harder until the stick reading positive in my hands was blurred from my vision.

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twinklestar999 twinklestar999 Feb 10, 2016
It's great I'm hoping Damon becomes more found of the idea in the second chapter
Alliwanie Alliwanie Aug 01, 2015
Technically the grass has a lot of enemies. A lawn mower for example, or a shovel...
HildaGranger HildaGranger Apr 23, 2015
Now I really hate Damon for a while.But its soooooo goood:)I LOVE IT!!!!
HildaGranger HildaGranger Apr 23, 2015
Why Damon cant accept Elena is pregnant?But at least its so goooood!!love it!
Lunalillyfay Lunalillyfay Feb 07, 2015
I'm actually already falling in love with this, I'm considering reading this instead of watching TVD right now......SO GOOD!!
893903 893903 Dec 10, 2014
It's perfect like the first chapter.I mean...I can stop reading!Good job