Kol Mikaelson- How I met him.

Kol Mikaelson- How I met him.

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[Cover by]: SurroundedByThorns 

Kate Stefanson. A close friend to the famous Klaus Mikaelson best friends with Jeremy Gilbert since kindergarden.
When Klaus undaggers his family, she's introduced to Klaus' little brother Kol. Kol is reckless. He's a lunatic and careless, until he meets Kate, the girl that turns his world upside down. Klaus takes notice in the change of behavior and becomes suspicious, not liking what's going on. On the road, Kate finds out that she is a unique supernatural that can do much more than everybody thinks.

[Kate is not played by Emily Rudd]

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u r so cool u go to the french school in jordan haha im your stocker Adel
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