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Falling In Love With Jonathon Evans (BoyxBoy) *Complete*

Falling In Love With Jonathon Evans (BoyxBoy) *Complete*

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Sheaniya Smith By LoveMeSweetly16 Updated Aug 02, 2012

“I will make you love me.” He said before forcing himself onto me and kissing me passionately. I know that I shouldn’t have liked it but I did. I craved it and didn’t even realize until his lips touched mine. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and his hand slid down to my pants. He unbuttoned my pants with one hand and grabbed onto me. I moaned and caught myself off guard with it. I tried to push him off me but he began to stroke my growing member and I became powerless.
	“Stop it!” I said panting. “This is disgusting! I’m a…!” I felt a moan at the base of my throat and covered my mouth before it could escape my lips.
	“Then why are you so hard?” He asked with a devilish chuckle as he stroked me faster. Why the hell am I enjoying this? This is disgusting! It’s unnatural! So why does it feel so good?!

Arranged Marriages should be illegal. You never know who youre giving your kid to, and sometimes, its completely unfair because your  parents could have 3 kids, but youre the only one having an arranged marriage.
Who does that to their kid? My friend moved to south carolina on halloween, but her parents bought her big bags of candy to make up for it. This is something you cant make up to a kid.
phantasic_1D phantasic_1D Sep 17, 2016
It's hilarious that people are focusing on the fact that he's bottom than the fact that it's an arranged marriage. If this was with a girl all hell would break loose
Valture Valture Aug 21, 2016
Using the "Woman" in the relationship thing is so disrespectful... There is no such thing...
WetBelle WetBelle Nov 05, 2012
rather than saying ''the soft whispers of everyone's clothes'' it would make more sense if you wrote ''breathing''.
                              Just saying x
LoveMeSweetly16 LoveMeSweetly16 Mar 28, 2012
Sorry guys, i dont know why wattpad pjut my prologue up twice but if i  delect one then wattpad will delect both.