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TWD Imagines/ Preferences *most likely discontinued*

TWD Imagines/ Preferences *most likely discontinued*

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~hale~ By halemariem Completed

Imagines and preferences from yours truly.

holygrays holygrays Mar 28, 2016
                              Blonde hair, 
                              Blue eyes
                              Daryl Dixon
                              He blames Denise's death on her because Dwight captured Kylie. and Eugene, he kept yelling at Kylie because he thought she told the saviors where Daryl Rosita and Denise were. Then he apologizes and they make up (;
- - Mar 09, 2016
                              Brown hair brown eyes
                              Jesus flirts with me with his charm and daryl is jealous
RappingHamilton RappingHamilton Feb 29, 2016
Laila grey eyes brown hair
                              Romantic but a little slow at first
                              Thwn skip to furure we are married
                              Be creative with the rest ( and the things inbetween )
Kalie_JosephDun Kalie_JosephDun Mar 05, 2016
Kallie greene
                              Dyed blue hair
                              Stormy bluey-grey eyes
                              Glenn Rhee
                              U can think of the plot
young_love_forever young_love_forever Feb 19, 2016
just y/n but can you like put my username at the top of mine? Thanks!
                              dirty blonde hair/brown eyes
                              Carl Grimes
                              and be creative with the rest. something cute tho!
xXLaixLoveXx xXLaixLoveXx May 23, 2016
                              Brown eyes 
                              Brown hair
                              Daryl's daughter
                              Beth's friend