How He Fell For Her

How He Fell For Her

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Meera & Sanjana By killem Updated Jan 11, 2014

Jai Bentley could describe Bianca Wallace using only three words:

Little Miss Perfect

He hates how all parents and teachers are in love with her, how perfect her family is, how she gets straight A's in everything, and how he's nothing like her.

Bianca could describe Jai perfectly using only three words too:

A Complete Jerk

She hates how he despises her even though they've never met, how he doesn't give a damn about anyone's feelings, and how he purposely tries to push her buttons.

Little do they know that their perspective about each other is totally wrong.

While Jai is staying with Bianca and her family as his mom is in Japan for a whole year, the two start to learn more about each other. As secrets and confessions are revealed, can Jai and Bianca stop themselves for falling for the person they thought they despised?

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