The Bad Boy Next Door

The Bad Boy Next Door

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Victoria Bogdan By VictoriaBogdan17 Updated Nov 17, 2016

Bailey was always a great girl. Grades were the most important thing for her. She was never late. When you heard Bailey you thought, responsibility. Or valedictorian. That is, until she met Ryder Jones. Ryder turned her life upside down in a matter of seconds. And she didn't know weather this was a good change of pace or a terrible mistake.

Now officially The Bad Boy Next Door. Used to be My New Neighbor The Bad Boy. 

Hope you love it!

BooksTakeYouPlaces BooksTakeYouPlaces Apr 13, 2016
Don't worry you're not the only one who doesn't have friends...
Sweet-Ice Sweet-Ice Apr 29, 2016
ßoiiiii you got that name from TBBSMB aka The Bad Boy Stole My Bra
Binkxliebe Binkxliebe Apr 02, 2016
Who is Ryder n wat the hell is going on I'm sooooo confugulated(confused)
bdubs0210 bdubs0210 Dec 31, 2015
She said she knew, why are y'all pointing it out? Where are y'alls stories at? Leave her be, she already knows.
far34dos far34dos Aug 27, 2015
This is exact the same as the bad boy Cupid and me you should write your own material not copy like true authors not hating tho just statin facts, sorry if I come across as rude
hayes_org hayes_org Jun 02, 2015
this is a copy of that book u read it and now your copying it come up with your own ideas