Me & My Accidental Love (Boyxboy)

Me & My Accidental Love (Boyxboy)

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Sequel To 'Me, My Step Brother & My Best Friend'

The year when Seth and Aaron were graduating, Sebastian summoned his courage and told Dominique about his feelings towards him, knowing that he has a girlfriend. However sadly for Sebastian, Dominique gave him a cold reply and Sebastian's heart were shattered.

A few years later this scene would still replay over and over again in his head, making him miserable, but he still makes the most of life. Now that he's in university, you'd think everything would be great and he would find a new love, if only life was so simple.

The university which Sebastian attends is also the one which Dominique attends too, so they see each other almost every other day around the campus. Sebastian never told anyone about his confession nor did Dominique, Sebastian tried to forget about him, but it isn't that easy.

So how will the story turn out for Sebastian? Will he have his love or will a new love enter?

You guys know I'm rubbish at these....

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WeDontKnowHer WeDontKnowHer Jun 28, 2018
That at fair now. Don’t break my heart and give whiplash and make it a dream.
myhero4now myhero4now Apr 26, 2018
died. come back to life and read it again, and died Hard to continue reading.
WeDontKnowHer WeDontKnowHer Jun 28, 2018
Am I the only one that is like. I love jasmine. Ohh jazz why are u me lol.
WeDontKnowHer WeDontKnowHer Jun 28, 2018
Wait how did he know what he was doing in the cabin in Switzerland if he wasn’t gay or at least bi
WeDontKnowHer WeDontKnowHer Jun 28, 2018
It will be fine.  Seb will get some more dom dick later. I don’t that but I’m guessing it will work out. I hope 🤞🏼
WeDontKnowHer WeDontKnowHer Jun 28, 2018
Bitch plzz this is our little Seb. He might be emotional but he ain’t a quitter