Connecting Past & Present {Pokemon X Fanfiction}

Connecting Past & Present {Pokemon X Fanfiction}

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It's never easy being the new girl in town, especially if you're forced to move to a place you know little about. Emiko Kazumoto and her mother are known as the new folks in the small town known as Vaniville of the Kalos region. Before she moved, she was always quite the outsider of almost everything. Not like she minded anyway, she found isolation pretty comfortable. However, that doesn't last for too long when her neighbor and his little sister decide to show her the world of Pokemon.

Now Emiko is given the chance to explore the region with her starter Pokemon and collect all eight gym badges. Through her travels, she discovers something about herself that explains an even that happened to her in the past. Meanwhile, an evil organization known as Team Flare begin to make their move on searching for the legendary Pokemon, Xerneas. It doesn't take Emiko a long time to figure it out, and she's certainly not going to let them do as they please.

Will Emiko be able to stop Team Flare before it's too late? What happened to her in the past that connects her with Xerneas? Can Emiko bring herself to move on from the past?

{Rewrite: Previously known as "Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin"}

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SeanCityNavy SeanCityNavy Jun 13, 2017
Now THAT is how you introduce a character, Take notes kiddios
Candicecookies Candicecookies Jul 16, 2017
I remember the past every day, always telling stories to family's and friends. I remember the most random memories but I always love ep share them
xInSainex xInSainex Mar 09, 2017
I just bumped into a wall and two people. DON'T READ WHILE YOU WALK KIDS! 😅
KimKoala22 KimKoala22 Apr 11, 2017
I don't think I signed up for this kind of book. My brain is hurting all ready😂
AsunaXI AsunaXI Jun 23, 2017
With painting, you have to be quite-skilled as to not mess up in your layering and much more key points such as not smudging.
Rainyblues Rainyblues Jun 27, 2017
I really like the description so far ^^ I'm excited to read more!