The Theory of Grey | Pokémon X

The Theory of Grey | Pokémon X

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faye acacia By ragnarok- Updated 8 hours ago

Moving from one region to another so suddenly, Emilia Grey still hasn't learned to let go of her dreadful past. Her mother found that moving away from a place with toxic memories would serve her some good. However, imagine everyone's surprise when the internship she was offered was actually an invitation to start her journey around the Kalos region.

Throughout her journey, the haunting past begins to chain her down when a friend from the past suddenly asks for her aid. Meanwhile, an evil organization known as Team Flare begin to make their move on searching for the legendary Pokémon, Xerneas. It doesn't take Emilia too long to figure it out, and she's certainly not going to let them do as they please.

With the help of her new friends, she will do everything in her power to stop them. However, will she be able to save the region even with the past dragging her down?

{Rewrite: Previously known as "Connecting Past & Present"}

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SeanCityNavy SeanCityNavy Jun 13, 2017
Now THAT is how you introduce a character, Take notes kiddios
Merp-Derp Merp-Derp Feb 21
I literally cannot wait for this. Been here since day 1. Let's do this.
Candicecookies Candicecookies Jul 16, 2017
I remember the past every day, always telling stories to family's and friends. I remember the most random memories but I always love ep share them
KimKoala22 KimKoala22 Apr 11, 2017
I don't think I signed up for this kind of book. My brain is hurting all ready😂
DrawingLady DrawingLady 4 days ago
I've read the title as 'The theory of Pokemon' lol. Nice cover btw!
I really liked the version before this but i am excited to see what lies ahead