Romancing The Beast (BWWM)

Romancing The Beast (BWWM)

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Jane Fonte By JaneFonte Updated Dec 25, 2015

At twenty-five Noah Cristobel was a self-entitled young man from a prominent family. His good looks afforded him access to any woman he so desired and his lack of care in the world meant days of none stop partying without any responsibilities. Then one day he woke up in a hospital bed unable to feel his legs.

 Ten years later Noah is the recluse CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, both admired for his nose to the grindstone focus work ethics and despised for his unbending frigid dismissal of anything or anyone that doesn't contribute to his goals. Noah has a vendetta against the world. His accident didn’t only take away his ability to walk, but medically, his ability to become aroused. Believing the loss of his “manhood” and his crippling state are the reasons behind series of failed relationships Noah gives up on women and throws himself into his work. 

Until Elise To’isgo walks into his office and sparks starts shooting—from below the belt. But Elise has some funny ideas about sleeping with men. Mainly that she’s saving herself for marriage. Or was it that she's unwilling to give her body to a man who hasn't first captured her heart?

TazhaTT TazhaTT Apr 24
Run on sentence. Putting huskily and smokey together was confusing
pipza123 pipza123 Jun 14
Ms.Lavon hmmm she ain't even married I wonder why?.........🤔
fungirloa fungirloa Jul 15
So you can blackmail her into marrying you and that's ok, but suggesting that you're forcing her to sleep with you is a stain on your character is offensive...alrighty then.
Kalex808 Kalex808 Sep 08
He sounds like a sleezy old boss man. Kinda getting the heeby jeebies.
K1Paradise K1Paradise May 22
I understand this character there is a reason behind the way she acts and dresses. I know it seems dramatic but I have a feeling it's for a reason.
Woah woah lets not go too deep in your fantasies let me digest the news first