The Walking Dead (Fan-Fiction)

The Walking Dead (Fan-Fiction)

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[COMPLETED] The world has gone to hell. A virus has taken over, one that doesnt just make you sick, one that kills you and then brings you back as a flesh eating zombie, otherwise known as a walker.    

Karolina is a survivor in this nightmare of a world and shes hell bent on finding her mother and brother and taking down as many walkers as possible. Along the way she meets a group of survivors, and together they try and find a safe haven from this post apocalyptic world.

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xiu0min xiu0min May 23, 2017
I just finished the series for the 3rd time. I can't wait to read this.
_Lexie876_ _Lexie876_ Apr 03, 2017
I love 'the walking dead' so I can't wait to see how u write and make this story!
ann_katherine ann_katherine Aug 10, 2017
Hey! If anyone would be kind enough to take a look at my book and give some feedback I would greatly appreciate it :) have a great day!
WalkerChick2341 WalkerChick2341 Jan 08, 2017
I would love if y'all could check out my story. Bound - Walking Dead (Daryl Dixon Love Story).  It would mean a lot if you could give me some feedback letting me know if I should continue! <3
rainsenju rainsenju Sep 07, 2016
Worning: I'm a natural ass hole . My opinions are, well honest. 
                              If you are a butt Hurt person, well gotta tell you I do care.
twdfan0001 twdfan0001 May 12, 2016
I think it'll be cool and if anyone messes with ya tell maybe they should back off because its your life and u do what u want