The Academy - Book I Editing For Publication

The Academy - Book I Editing For Publication

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*This is not your typical romance.  My characters are deliciously wicked anD unrepentant.  This book features very mature content that includes sex with dubious consent.  If this offends you don't read it.  This is my 1st book on Wattpad!*

Kayla thought she'd lost him......she needed to get help for her friend.
As the screen lit up she felt fingers grab her roughly by the neck.  
She cried out softly, as she realized her stupidity, and whispered, "Please, don't hurt me."
Lucas looked down coldly and whispered, "I will."
With those ominous words her world went black.

Ma'Kayla Ward comes from Nah'Bye a peaceful agricultural planet that left The Alliance during The Bloody Wars.

Lucas Sinclair, heir to the Ah'Tarian first seat and head of the Alliance, lives in a world where ruling through fear and war comes naturally.

With the wars over,  The Alliance decides that planets should be acquired using less aggressive methods.   Now Nah'Bye is on their list of planets to add to their growing dominance and they are all set to use 'peaceful methods'.

In this world where Lucas uses all means necessary to get what he wants; he will change Kayla's life, turning her world upside down.

Does Kayla fully understand the danger she is placing herself in.....leaving her safe life on Nah'Bye to come to The Academy?             

Cover made by Elise Noble                                                        
©Em Myles
this is an original story I have not given anyone permission to use my work in any way.
So don't copy it and don't remix it...Thanks!

Hyun joon is Lucas. Lol it's hard for me to picture him as sadistic, because in BoF and PK he's like this sweet, adorable guy. Except for in Inspiring Generation.
I'm a bit afraid to form any type of opinion on Lucas as of right now. He seems to have a sweet-ish side...but most likely not...
So... first chapter in and I can already say that I am hooked!
DerpMyTae DerpMyTae Jun 02
@hooded_monster i think u r her from a different dimension t xD
5'5 is like the average height for a girl, why she complaining?
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ummm that video, idk if yall watched or not but you should, its  *dies from talent and sexiness overload*