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BlizzardBre123 By BlizzardBre123 Updated Feb 10, 2014

I see the man getting closer, see him grin and sprint even faster. I try to run, try to continue running, but, me, being clumsy just has to fall. The man grabs my hair and pulls me to his silver Chevy and puts me in the back.  
     "Help me, please, help" I screech. I see the man glance back at me, but he's not a man, he looks to be my age around 15,16 and maybe even 17.
     "Shut up, or I'll kill you," he doesn't look like he's kidding. He suddenly slams on the breaks and gets out of the drivers seat and comes to open my door.

     Is this it, is he going to kill me, what did I do? The man grabs me by my hair and puts a cloth over my mouth! I feel so strange and then everything goes black. 

Alice Lacrosse is kidnapped... 
...By John, Austin, Harry and Dakota...
What will happen? 
... Find out in ...

Written by: BlizzardBre123

WerewolfEnchantress WerewolfEnchantress Jan 05, 2017
Really you just woke up from being kidnapped and your first thought is to shower and not I don't know escape?! Stupid Baka
Fruitalicious_Peb Fruitalicious_Peb Nov 26, 2016
I'd be like, "Oh, my full name? It's Disappointed, because I thought you'd be hot at least 😮😶
Fruitalicious_Peb Fruitalicious_Peb Nov 26, 2016
I'd be like, "AINT NO ONE SEEING MAH BUTT NAKED!" *takes shower in all clothes* "HMMM"