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Space bounty hunter, Kas Balera, embarks upon a dangerous mission for truth in the wake of a disaster that rocks the solar system. Rogue X1 robots. Bio-mech panthers. Astral police officers. Kas takes them all on in HAWK - an action-packed, futuristic sci-fi adventure filled with enough twists and turns to make your head spin.

The men were of average height but not short on muscle. The one on the left was wearing a colour changing vest while the one on the right had gone for a bandana. In true Yunk style, they both had mullets. It was the one in the vest who had spoken, so it was him Kas looked dead in the eyes when she replied.
   'Don't waste your time, I'm not wearing.'
   'We ain't dealers, bay-bay.' The mullet's voice was only a shadow of its sober form; deep and splintered like he'd been chewing gravel. Kas stayed perfectly still. She had known when she left Dante's that the chances she'd run into trouble would be high and wondered if maybe that's why she went for a walk in the first place.
   'We like your jacket,' the other mullet chimed in. His voice was half an octave higher than his pal's but just as fractured. 'Looks old. Where'd you get it?'
   'I stole it.'
   The mullets' grins split below bloodshot eyes. 'Why don't you take it off and drop it on the ground?'
   'I've got a better idea. Why don't you two girls go back into your hole before I smash your dumb Yunk heads together?'
   The mullets barely reacted, except to let their smiles drop ever-so-slightly. There was a slight tremor in their hands. Kas figured their artifibre was feeding more stimulants into their systems. The bandana chuckled, the nerves in his cheeks twitching like wasps trapped under a sheet.
   'Sure thing chicken wing,' he said. 'Let's see what you've got.'

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MissSpel MissSpel Jul 24, 2017
i love this ... plus any book with a map/graphic at the beginning is automatically better than a book without
Th_orn Th_orn Mar 07
Thanks for this information. Now imagery will be a lot easier.
Already hooked and i'm not even on the first chapter yet lmao
Haven’t started reading this book properly yet but I can tell it has some serious damn potential x
You’re really close to 90K. Hope you get there soon. And beyond!!
allonsy31 allonsy31 Aug 22, 2017
Woah I can tell already you've put a ton of work into this, these are super cool!