The Wolf's Pet Kitten (BoyxBoy) (Discontinued)

The Wolf's Pet Kitten (BoyxBoy) (Discontinued)

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Abby The Tabby By ShadowTheNekoMaid Completed

Percy Grayling, an (almost completely) mute, 13 year old boy is constantly being abused by his parents and the bullies at his school. Scared, alone, broken, and closed off, Percy thinks there is no one in the world who cares-- but what happens when he meats Sawyer Wolfgang, aka 'Wolf', a very handsome British bisexual 19-year-old? 
When strange and un-explained deaths and murders are happening in their small New-England town, will Percy be able to stay with Wolf, or will Wolf, seaming to fit all of the properties of the murders, will be taken away from poor Percy? Will their strong friendship survive in the chaos? Will it change into love? Or just shatter with the madness?
(WARNING! Boyxboy! Yaoi! Language! Violence! Also if you DO NOT LIKE a bit of age difference in a male on male relationship, PLEASE DO NOT READ!)

Amazing cover done by SeikaPhoenix!

@ 2014- All rights to this story are mine.


There's not that much least that's what I think
Joha8652 Joha8652 Aug 12
Hi I'm Jay I'm a nerd with more online friends than real friends. I just moved school and everybody kinda hates me. Did I mention I own an elephant?
I'm 12 but have been told I look 13, 14, 15, and 16. Idk why
phycopath14 phycopath14 Oct 04, 2016
I threw a shoe at my sister it hot her in the face and she started bleeding
BlackCat41Knight BlackCat41Knight Aug 03, 2016
"I want to kill everybody in the world" that's nice to know whats in his head
nightraindoomxx nightraindoomxx May 04, 2016
If he gos to the hospital the nurses be asking all these questions