My Life in A Naruto High School. Naruto Shippuden Story

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Hi, I'm Yuki Dakede. Yuki means snow, and Dakede means Alone. My last name fits me, because I'm the last remaining survivor of the Dakede Clan, I'm alone. When I was 7, Itachi Uchiha killed all of his clan except his little brother. Itachi was walking by, and people in my clan saw the blood, so they tried to stop Itachi. And he killed them. I watched my mom and dad dye, stabbed through the heart by Itachi. He didn't leave me without a reminder though; he stabbed me in the stomach. It wasn't too bad, but when I start to cough, I cough up blood. I don't know why he left me alive, I wish he hadn't, I wish I would have died with my mom and dad, with my clan. But Itachi did something worse... he left me alive, he left me alone. Dakede.
You know....When Im 4th grade i hate school..
                                    5th grade i like to study and read