Her names Lynn

Her names Lynn

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Brooooo By Your_nose_is_ugly Updated Nov 23, 2017

You know what you do when your dad dies and your mom leaves? You run. You run away from it all, from your twin brothers, from the place you were born and most of all you run from the memories of ever being loved.


Lynn Parkerson, a name no ones spoken in years. She ran away after her dad died burning alive in car crash when she was 14. Of course, their excuse of a mother leaves right after not even caring about her children.

Meet Luka Furguson, a straight up bad ass. He not only is 17 and runs a worldwide business, but he's a gang leader. Something so good has to come with many faults. Like being rival gangs with the two Parkerson twins, Theodore and Keegan. Being the stupid boys they are the two gangs decided to go to the same school. Awesome idea right? Anyway, what do you think will happen when Lynn comes back and of course she has to stir a little trouble for her grand entrance.

   Watch out Gryphon high Lynns comin' for 

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